Who are you?

My name is Hexagon. I am around 17, and I'm an alienkin, though I have only awakened very recently. Currently, I don't know a great deal about my exact nature, so I hoped to use this website to document my experiences as I learn more about myself.

I am also kenochoric, and go by any pronouns (though I appreciate variety).

I suppose that this is more than enough information to get a good idea of what I'm like... Most will probably leave with the impression that I'm "just another crazy, attention-seeking teenager with nothing better to do". That isn't entirely untrue, and I won't pretend otherwise, though I do ask that you at least leave me alone about it. Neither of us will gain anything, and you'll lose time that is better spent elsewhere. For the rest of you, thank you for stopping by.

Alienkin? What's that?

Otherkin are people that don't fully, 100% identify as human. This isn't a denial of our current physical forms, nor even how our humanity effects our psychology; it is simply an acknowledgement of another element, whether spiritual or psychological in nature. The more spiritual sort have a wide variety of beliefs, ranging from past lives to parallel universes to everything inbetween or things completely seperate... There isn't one unifying idea outside of our very basic nonhumaity.

I should state that I am very, very new to this community, and would suggest checking out other sources.

Anyway, my specific kintype is alien, which is to say that I'm not completely "of Earth", to put it simply. I have vague ideas of what my home looked like, and how I possibly ended up here, but nothing concrete. I don't know what my kind were called, or anything about their culture, or what I was called when I was among them. While I have largely made peace with the fact that, in this current life or universe or whatever it may be, I am a human living on Earth, I still want to find out what I can about my old home.

So... What now?

For now, I will continue work on this website. As you can tell, it's a bit... rough around the edges. I am learning to develop it as I, well, develop it, so expect progress to be a bit slow. I want to foster a place for other alienkin to gather and communicate, though my resources at this point are scarce. I haven't found many spaces for aliens in particular to talk about our own unique experiences as 'kin, and I know firsthand how lonely that can be.

So, once again, thank you for your time; I greatly appreciate it.