Hello there!

This website is still a work in progress; I will develop it as I learn to use HTML and CSS... So, for now, it looks sort of bad. Don't worry, it won't stay like that.

My name is Hexagon; I'm fairly new to the otherkin community. Specifically, I'm an alienkin. I'll be recording and documenting some of my experiences as I work on figuring these things out. I've only awakened very recently and still have a long way to go.

I haven't been very satisfied with other available platforms, and I've always been interested in web development anyway, which is why I'm here. I can't honestly say I know what I'm doing, however, so do be patient; I will be working on this whenever I have the time and space, though those occasions may prove to be infrequent. Thank you for your time regardless, and I hope that we cross paths again.

A small update (5/31/22): I know I've been inactive for a bit; I ended up incredibly busy with schoolwork as the year came to a close. I'm still figuring out when and how to work on this site; I'll be working on a proper blog section as well as some articles.